PowerNation, it’s voting time again! As you are aware the Australian federal election is happening this Saturday the 18th of May. Many people are sick and tired of hearing about the elections and have become fed up with politics in general. I just wanted to spend a minute to remind you how fortunate we are to live in a democracy where your vote actually matters. Living in the lucky country means we have the opportunity to have our say and have our values represented in government. 

Yes it can be hard to remember who is Prime Minister, and yes it can be a pain waiting in line to cast your vote, but we must remember to be thankful that we are living free in our beautiful country. Try putting aside some time looking into the policies of the political parties to see who actually best represents your interests, because the twenty minutes you spend out of your day this weekend affects you for the next three years. If you aren’t sure who to vote for, check out the ABC’s interactive Vote Compass or The Guardian’s summary that compares of policies of the major parties.

If this is your first time voting please check out the AEC’s voting guide.

To find your closest polling place for this Saturday, please visit the AEC website.

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