The Make It Australian campaign allows Australian filmmakers voices to be heard when it comes to having new Australian content produced for emerging streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Stan. Unlike TV there is no quota that Netflix and other streaming services have to abide to to ensure that some of the revenue generated by Australian audiences goes back into producing new Australian stories. We want Australian stories told on Australian screens by us, to us, about us because no-one else will tell stories of the diversity of Australian experiences in our unique Australian landscapes.

A little history of the Make It Australian campagin: “The campaign references the successful “TV – Make it Australian” campaign of the 1960s and 1970s. In the 1960s there was no government support for an Australian film and television industry. There was no Australian film and television industry. In 1961 just one per cent of drama on Australian television was Australian. The other 99 per cent was foreign drama. In response to a lack of Australian stories on Australian screens, the industry united under the banner “TV – Make it Australian”. But 50 years later, we face similar challenges.”

By simply filling out a form you are supporting the Australian film industry as a whole. Simply enter your postcode, name, and email address and the website will auotmatically find who is your local MP and prepare an email for you which is then sent through the site itself. It only takes a minute and can help us change the Australian film industry for the better, so take action and join today!

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