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Released: July 12, 2019
Recorded, mixed & engineered by: Ben Hense & Mike Justice at Beat Tank Productions for Meridian Nights & OBHI Pty Ltd.
Chief Sound Engineer: Ben Hense
Executive Produced by: Patrick Mau for OBHI Pty Ltd
Executive Produced by: Mike Justice for Meridian Nights

CD Price: $25 (Limited stock Available)
Postage & Handling fee: $5.00 (Aus); $10.00 (International)


2Let the Horns Blow (feat. B.Two)3:08play
3Feel Good Music (feat. Rik E Raga)4:03play
4The Show Will Go On (Interlude)0:57play
5The Show Will Go On3:15play
6Island Home3:38play
7For the People (feat. Radical Son)4:18play
8Transitions of Life (feat. Shirley Davis)4:21play
9Streets Anthem3:28play
10Track List (feat. Mike Justice)4:37play
11The Come Up (feat. Shirley Davis)4:54play
12Freedom (feat. Archie Roach)5:15play
13Good Vibrations (feat. Fortafy)3:30play
14Sweet Family (feat. Radical Son)4:39play
15Sing Strong (feat. King Kadu)3:52play

The album features:

  • The first single off the album is called Island Home. This contains a soulful sample of the version made famous by Christine Anu. The song was first sung by the legendary Warumpi band.
  • Archie Roach - A true Australian icon, Archie features on a beautiful song titled Freedom. This is a powerful, soulful song that is guaranteed to move you to your soul.
  • Radical Son - Combines with Mau Power on two songs. Blending his wise and insightful spoken word poetry with warm soulful singing to deliver two truly moving vocal performances.
  • DJ B.TWO (Australian National Champion) – cuts up a storm, mixing his turntable skills with a natural musical touch that has seen him represent Australia in the world championships on several occasions.