Update: #PowerCast has been renamed to #PowerVerse as of the 2nd of November 2020. All prior references to #PowerCast apply to #PowerVerse.


Join #PowerCast for our official launch with a night of live streamed entertainment from the Bulmba-Ja Art centre Cairns.

#PowerCast is the podcast that features special guests joining me to discuss the topics of creative arts, entertainment, business, community and social commentary. The program is categorised as edutainment and our intention is to develop an online creative space that will deliver creative and entertaining content and bring value, inspiration and empowerment to this community of followers.

We have decided to hold a special event to officially celebrate the launch of #PowerCast with a First Night Showcase at Bulmba-Ja Arts Centre; A cultural contemporary fusion of indigenous music, culture, comedy and dance. This event is what we would like to call our “Hybrid Performance”, and is the modern experience that #PowerCast intends to deliver directly to your living room. Our First Night at Bulmba-ja will be hosted by the always amazing Sean Choolburra and feature Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island dancers, as well as a live music performance by Mau Power and The Night Shift.

My intention is simple; I want to connect to as many inspiring & empowering people to share experiences with on this new journey I am embarking on. Our vision and purpose for this event is to re-invigorate the indigenous creative arts and culture of Far North Queensland, Australia by connecting you to our virtual experiences wherever you are in the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restricting live music events, I feel that live streaming our performance to the fans at home is the next best possible way to experience the magic of live entertainment.

To access a private live stream of this special event including a full live music performance, all we ask is that you graciously support us on our Patreon page. Each month we plan to live stream performances such as this exclusively to our tribe on Patreon, while offering behind the scenes content, early access to future events, special discounts to the Mau Power merch store, and more.

We would like to thank our Platinum sponsors for making this event a reality! Thank you to: Indigenous Wealth hub, Bulmba-Ja Arts Centre, Minjil, MJB Solutions, Tagai Management Consultants, Fibre Optics NQ, ITEC Group, Arts Queensland, and PowerNation.
#PowerCast is streamed live to both Facebook and YouTube at 7:30pm (AEST – Brisbane, QLD time zone) Friday night worldwide and can be viewed on the links provided:

For further information on how to access this very special #PowerCast episode and night of live Indigenous entertainment, join us here @ https://www.patreon.com/maupower99

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