Tracklist Feat. Mike Justice

Track List is a new song from Mau Power's upcoming album. The song pays homage to many legendary rappers that have shared their stories, knowledge & experience through inspirational music. As a celebration of culture, Track List incorporates all the elements of Hip Hop through the eyes, ears & heart of Mau Power. The video was shot 'guerrilla' style in Melbourne over the course of one day & the song also features Mike Justice. 

The video was co- directed by Rush & Mike Justice. Executive Produced by Mike Justice for Meridian Nights & One Blood Hidden Image PTY LTD. 

The beat was made by Ben Hense & Mike Justice @ for Meridian Nights and OBHI PTY LTD. 

Big Eso, AKA big thanks to Nadine for her amazing record collection & to Max @ Alley Tunes Records for letting us film in & amongst his customers! 

Thank you to Peril, Paris, OBE & DVate for the dope artwork. Big Eso to Pauly P for the Boom Box's & a major thanks to the Universal Zulu Nation for birthing Hip Hop culture on the so called planet earth! From New York to our 61 Chapter right here in Australia! Big Eso to The Great King Excel for his continued support. Thank you. 

Much respect to all the great contributors to Hip Hop music & culture, we mentioned a lot of incredible artists in this song, yet of course missed out on so many... hold on for the part two remix that will shot out everyone from Keith Cowboy, Red Alert, Dead Prez & so many more!