Mau Power Celebrates Mabo in Melbourne

Mau Power performed at St Kilda Town Hall to celebrate the Mabo Day on 2nd June 2015. The event was the first time the mabo celebration in Melbourne. Mau Power was the feature artist to perform at the event.

“This was an honour as mabo is a cultural iconic figure for the Torres Strait people as well as one of my heros. I grew up hear his story of who he to on the Australian government and won, so to perform at this celebration was an honour”, Mau Power reported.

About Eddie Mabo

Edward Koiki Mabo, a Meriam man from the island of Mer (Murray Island) in the Torres Straits, was a key plaintiff in a land rights case in the High Court of Australia, today referred to as the ‘Mabo Case’. His legacy is the case of where he challanged the Australian Government in the High court and won the case of land right in what is now know as the Mabo decision. The great battle lasted for 10 years, and in 1992 Eddie Mabo passed sucumbed to a battle with cancer and did not live to see his victory. This great journey has inspired many great leaders to carry on the battle and make sure the fire of his legacy continues to burn bright. For more about Eddie Mabo click HERE!

About Mabo Day

June 3 the people of the Torres Strait celebrate the mabo decision and honour Eddie Kioki Mabo on this day. The communities gather and march and share the stories of this journey. For more on Mabo Day click HERE! 

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