What’s up Power Nation! As you are all aware we here at OBHI have a passion for collaborating with businesses and artists from the Far North Queensland region. It is a goal of ours to contribute to the development of skills in the regional creative arts industry. For an upcoming project we are on a mission to nurture the creative talent in the Far North Queensland film industry. The results were phenomenal. 

Everyone who contributed to the project behind the scenes and is helping to bring the story’s message to life was based in Queensland. Working with the local talent brought upon a sense of family within the production team. The results of their efforts is world class, and it is incredible that such professionals are available right on the door step of the Great Barrier Reef. What we hope to achieve with this production is to represent and showcase the beauty, talent and rich culture of Far North Queensland on the world stage. We truly believe that with this upcoming project we have achieved that.

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– Mau Power

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