Today we have some exciting news for the Power Nation and sports fans! I am proud to announce that I have taken on the role as the voice of AFL Cairns. We first collaborated with AFL Cairns and Cazaly’s stadium when they graciously allowed us to use the venue as a location for the Arrived  feat. Marcus Corowa music video. We also premiered our single Arrived to kick off the 2019 Cairns AFL season. 

By working closely with AFL Cairns we hope to provide support for the local creative arts and sports scenes which are both closely tied to engagement within communities. People from creative arts and sports backgrounds often share a similar story of being passionate, hard working individuals who overcome challenges to rise through the ranks of their chosen field. Creative arts and sports are also the two industries that most deeply connect within communities and provide opportunities to everyone no matter their background, and bridging these worlds and promoting events within the region is a goal shared between us at One Blood Hidden Image and AFL Cairns. Whether a performance happens on a stage or the field, the entertainment brings us all together and strengthens our bonds and our culture.

AFL Cairns boasts the premier outdoor stadium in Far North Queensland with demand for regional, domestic and international events ever increasing. Cazalys Stadium hosts many events with the Sir Elton John Concert at the top of the list in 2017. Other events include AFL Premiership matches, AFL preseason competition matches, international and national cricket along with local AFL and cricket at Senior and Junior levels. AFL Cairns works proactively to ensure high standard events are continually attracted to Cazalys Stadium. Over $7 million has been spent since 2011 to ensure Cazalys Stadium continues to attract top-line sports and events, and we are honoured to be collaborating with them to bring world class entertainment to the Cairns region.

Remember to follow us  and AFL Cairns on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest information on our collaboration with AFL Cairns including live performances and live streams. Please visit the AFL Cairns website and support the local sporting and entertainment scene.

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